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Terms & Conditions


All bookings must be made in writing on the form attached, and are subject to these Terms and Conditions. Provisional bookings may be made by telephone or email and indeed are encouraged to ensure that the accommodation is available on the dates required. A provisional booking will be held for 7 days pending receipt of a completed booking form and the full deposit payable.

A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 or £100.00 per week confirms your booking.

A provisional booking will not constitute a firm reservation until we have received the completed booking form and deposit and confirmed the deposit to you in writing.

For the safety and comfort of clients both present and future, and the degradation and soiling caused to materials and paintwork etc. in the villa, which would be caused by smoking, bookings will only be accepted if it is agreed that there will be no smoking in the villa. No exceptions will be made. smoking is allowed on the outside of the home.

Due to the high standard of the contents and the facilities in the villa, an additional refundable security deposit will be required to cover breakages or damage to the premises and or its contents, telephone bills and cleaning costs other than those normally expected in connection with the occupation of the villa. Should the management company call this upon, subject to any deductions to cover any of the above after inspection? this will be $300.00 or £200, Also most homes now include a summer outside kitchen and grill, although this is for your free use we will require a £50 refundable deposit which will be returned it this unit is fully cleaned after use.


Full payment is due 10 weeks before the arrival date.
Payment in full for bookings made within 10 weeks before the arrival date must accompany the booking form.
After receiving your final payment, information will be Emailed to you regarding directions and key or combination code to enter your villa.Security deposits are returned on or before tax day which is the 20th of the month following departure.


In order to ensure that the villa is clean and ready for your arrival and for the party following you, we specify that the rental begins at 4.00 pm (local time) on the arrival date and ends at 10.00 am (local time) on the departure date.


If the balance of the amount shown on the booking form remains unpaid 10 (ten) weeks prior to the date of departure we reserve the right to cancel the booking and in this event, the deposit will be forfeit.
Additionally, if the client cancels at any other time then a cancellation charge will be levied as follows:-
Period before Departure Date

Cancellation Charge:
More than 70 days (10 weeks) Deposit only
Between 56 and 70 days (8-10 weeks) 50% of the total cost
Less than 56 days (8 weeks) 100% of the total cost

However, if the premises can be re-let on similar terms, then only the deposit may be forfeit at the direction of the owner.

All cancellations must be confirmed in writing by the person who signed the booking form and the cancellation date will be the date that the written cancellation reaches the owner.

We may cancel the booking at any time prior to departure in exceptional and justifiable circumstances and will not be under any liability whatsoever to any person for loss, damage or inconvenience suffered thereby,. Should there be a cancellation under this condition after payment in full has been made, the payment will be refunded if an alternative arrangement offered to you is not acceptable.


The villa will not be rented to a person under 18 years of age. A parent or responsible adult must accompany Persons/children under the age of 18.
You must not sub-let the accomodation, allow persons not listed on the booking form to stay overnight or allow pets or animals to stay in the villa without prior permissions.


You are advised that you are occupying a private self catering villa and therefore are responsible for your own safety in respect of any loss, personal accidents or damages sustained by you or any members of your party during your stay. We cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any injury sustained by you or any other visitor to the villa or swimming pool or for any loss or damage however caused to any property brought onto the premises.
Please be advised that you are liable for any damage to the villa or its contents.
Without any restriction to the foregoing, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising in connection with your stay.


Should any problems arise relating to the villa the client should immediately contact the representative from our management company. Details of how to contact them can be found in the information folder located inside the villa. And will be forwarded to you after final payment.

Pool / Spa.

Guests using the pool or its surrounding areas do so at their own risk. Children are required to be supervised at all times when using the pool or on the pool deck area. The owners their servants or agents will accept no responsibility for any loss or personal injury incurred from using the pool or its surrounding areas. Pre-payed pool heat should be confirmed with the management direct a few days prior to arrival.
Standard heating will heat both the pool and the spa to a maximum temp of 80 to 85 Deg. As long as the air temp is no lower then 55 to 60 deg. (over night temp.) Over night cold weather will chill the pool water. Should the temp drop below this the pool heater will continue to run but will not heat the pool. In such cases pool heat monies will not be refunded as the pool heater is still operating.

Games rooms.

Guests using the games rooms, all children must be supervised at all times all equipment must be checked prior to leaving the home and be in full working order. damaged equipment will be charged to the guest.


The owners of the property, their servants or agents, accept no liability to pay compensation. In respect of any loss, damage or changes arising from unforeseeable circumstances beyond their control, (but not limited to) war, riots, civil strife, strikes, floods, and closure of airports, adverse weather conditions or other events beyond our control. You are advised that you are occupying a private villa and therefore are responsible for your own safety in respect of any loss, personal accidents or damages sustained by you or any members of your party during your stay. It is strongly recommended that guests take out adequate holiday insurance, to cover cancellation, accidents/ illness and or damage to the homes.


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